Connect your platform with a wider audience

Connect your learning or improvement platform to the UNIVERSAL HUB to reach a wider audience or connect your users with activities hosted by other organizations in a seamless, easy, and secure manner.

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The UNIVERSAL HUB Difference


The UNIVERSAL HUB is a powerful service-based platform that can be fully integrated into your platform with minimal effort. Once connected, access activities from other connected organizations and share your own.


We are 100% committed to building and sustaining the UNIVERSAL HUB eco-system for the ABMS Member Board community and affiliated organizations. We connect people with the activities they need for continuing education and certification.


Using MedBiquitous-compliant web services, the UNIVERSAL HUB transports users to your activities, your users to other activities, and seamlessly passes back completion results in real-time.


Whether you’re using the UNIVERSAL HUB as an individual or an organization, get where you need to go faster.


We want to ensure that you get the most out of working with the UNIVERSAL HUB. We offer training, support, and documentation services to help you get connected.


The UNIVERSAL HUB is periodically assessed to determine any weaknesses in the platform. We work to mitigate identified weaknesses and implement solutions to prevent reoccurrence.