Privacy Policy

In the course of working with organizations and users through the UNIVERSAL HUB, the participating ABMS Member Boards and host organizations collect, utilize, and in some cases share with third parties, various forms of information. This includes information from and regarding participating users and the activities selected through the UNIVERSAL HUB. The following privacy policy is intended to govern the collection, use, and disclosure of such information, and to explain the policies and practices regarding the privacy of information. This privacy policy governs only the data and information not currently in the public domain collected by the UNIVERSAL HUB and does not govern the individual privacy policies of each of the individual ABMS Member Boards or host organizations. Our goal in establishing this privacy policy is to assure each person and organization that discloses information to the ABMS Member Boards and host organizations that we understand the sensitivity of the information and the care that needs to be utilized in protecting the confidential nature of the information and material.

Waiver of Privacy Policy

There may be limited instances where a person or organization may desire to waive the application of the privacy policy. In order to waive the application of the privacy policy, the organization must contact the UNIVERSAL HUB administrator and provide written acknowledgement of its intent to waive the policy. Any organization waiver of the privacy policy does not override the individual privacy policies governed by the participating ABMS Member Boards or host organizations.

Information Collected

In order to identify users and assign correct completion information, the participating ABMS Member Boards and host organizations require that users provide personal and identifying information about their certification(s) in order to receive certification credit for their participation in one or more activities. User data is governed by the privacy policies of the appropriate certifying organization. Each certifying organization has its own policies about the use of personal information and the user can request a copy of the applicable certifying organization's privacy policy.

Identifiable patient data shall not be provided through the UNIVERSAL HUB by any user, ABMS Member Board, or host organization.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

The UNIVERSAL HUB will not disclose any organization's specifically identifiable organizational structure, processes, documents, forms, financial information, or content that was provided in confidence through the UNIVERSAL HUB with any person or organization outside of the ABMS Member Boards or host organizations unless previously approved by the organization or as required to operate the ABMS Member Boards' or host organizations' programs.

Any research utilizing data provided in the UNIVERSAL HUB, if published, will not contain specifically identifiable information from the user within the UNIVERSAL HUB.

The UNIVERSAL HUB administrator will inform the user immediately upon learning of any disclosure of confidential information not in compliance with this privacy policy. Neither the ABMS Member Boards, host organizations, nor the user within the UNIVERSAL HUB will directly or indirectly acquire any interest in or design, create, sell, or otherwise deal with, any item or product containing or based on confidential information from the other party, except as necessary to perform services for the other party.